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SIDEX 2023

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SIDEX 2023
MedPark International Meeting 2023

MedPark International Meeting at SIDEX 2023

MedPark will hold a world-class seminar at SIDEX 2023.

Seize the opportunity to attend lectures by world-renowned speakers in this field, Professor Marco Espacito, for free. 

Meet MedPark's technology and innovative products through academic lectures, hands-on experiences, and various events. 

Visit the MedPark booth and experience the S1 Solution for yourself.

For more information on S1, please feel free to contact us

See you at the Korean Society of Biomaterials.

MedPark International Meeting at SIDEX 2023
Date : 26~28, May 2023
Venue : COEX, Seoul, South Korea
Booth number : C539 ~ C548, Hall C
Scentific Songress Program
Speaker : Prof. Marco Esposito
Date : 27th, May(Sat) 14:00~ 15:00
Romm : #401, COEX. Seoul, South Korea
Subject : Regenration Strategy with a New Moldable Bone
Free Lectures 
Spearks : (Dr)Jaebum Lee, (Dr)Youngjin Cho,
(Dr)Moon-seop Yum, (Dr)Ho-yeol Jang, (Prof)Won-seo Park
Date : 26~28th, May 
Time : 12:00(pm) ~ 16:00(pm)
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