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[SIDEX 2023] MedPark, Bone graft material ‘S1’ clinical tip provided

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MedPark, Bone graft material ‘S1’ clinical tip provided

Clinical cases such as Professor Marco Esposito

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▲ MedPark Booth. Sidex  <전수환 기자>


At 'SIDEX2023', Medpark intensively promoted three-dimensionally confirmed clinical cases of 'S1', a new concept perfect transplant material.

Through the 'MedPark International Meeting (hereinafter referred to as MIM)', the world-renowned Professor Marco Esposito's 'Regeneration Strategy with a New Moldable Bone' left side behind Director Youngjin Cho (Seoul Deep Rooted Dentistry), Director Yeom Moonwon (Mokdong Seoul Top Dental Clinic) ), Director Jang Ho-yeol (Jang Ho-yeol Dental Clinic), Professor Park Won-seo (Yonsei Dental University Hospital), etc.

In particular, at the Medpark booth, Dr. Lee Jae-beom provides a place to experience 'S1' Sticky Doing Moldable flooring material through 'Hydration Experience', and it is unlocked for new users.

In particular, offer products at a low price through a special promotion, and give a great response by encouraging opportunities for personal sexiness among users through dinner parties on the evenings of the 27th and 28th, the event period.

A MedPark official said, “Through this MIM event, we add a good response to the various clinical cases and professional knowledge of S1. MedPark will continue to provide S1 and contact information to practitioners and allow them to meet new clinical tips.” Interface.

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