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News Letter, August 2022

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Welcome to EAO 2022 for MedPark!

We hereby invite you to visit our booth in Switzerland
from September 29th ~ October 1st 2022.

MedPark is a comprehensive regenerative medicine company that supplies bone, tissue and skin regeneration solutions to the global medical market.  Starting with dental bone graft materials and membranes, we are supplying S1 sticky bone, a new concept bone graft material that incorporates innovative technologies not only in dentisty but also in all medical fields.

We look forward to meeting you at the exhibition and hope to establish

a long-term relationship with you in new future!

If you want to know more information
about our sponsor session and S1,
please feel free to contact us by E-mail!

See you soon in Geneva!

Best Clinical Uses
Alveolar Ridge Preservation
1. Initial assesment
 Advanced Peri-implantitis was found on Implant Br. Of Lt. maxilla with buccal bone defect, 41 years old male patient who suspected heavy smoker.
2. Product
  · Bonegraft : S1 Bone graft material (Powder type, 0.2~1.0mm)
  · Use of membrane : ■ Yes □ No
3. Conclusions
 Not only volumatic change was found in CT scan, but also clinical situation for implant placement was acceptable. Additional bone graft was done simultaneously with Implant placement 5 month after ARP. Fine bone regeneration was found on histologic evaluation.
More Clinical case? Watch the clinical uses on our Youtube!
Regenerative Soiution Provider, MedPark  |  +82 51 301 8777
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