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Korean Society of Plastic Surgery

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Med Park is coming "Humanity, Beyond Technology" PRS KOREA 2022 

Global Regenerative Medicine Total Solutions Company,
Homogeneous dermis released by Med Park
Let me introduce Lee Jeong-jae's "S Derm". 

S Derm FD (freeze drying type),
S Derm CP (freeze preservation type)
It's released, and the sign language type product is
With the upcoming release in March of 23,
Yes, there are three types of dermis of the same type of dermis
We are planning to secure the lineup.

proprietary intellectual property rights and source technology
It's secured, and it's the best in the country
Continuous Research and Development with Healthcare Managers
through investment, "Dongjong dermis implant" products
It's released in Korea
It's going to be a global market
Medpark's own regeneration solution
Experience it for yourself!

· Event name: PRS KOREA 2022 (The 80th Congress of Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons)
· Booth location: 2nd floor No. 40
· Date: November 11th (Fri) ~ 13th (Sun), 2022 for 3 days
· Location: Grand Intercontinental Seoul
Parnas 2F (Ochidroom) & 5F
· Organized by the Korean Society of Plastic Surgery